Liver pâté | 44 NIS

with cider caramel, apple Chutney and crispy toasts.

gluten free avilable

French onion soup | 42 NIS

in long cooking with beef stock and white wine, served with croutons and Gadot's farm Parmesan cheese.

Grilled roasted Aubergine | 44 NIS

with cranberry-oregano Chimichurri on a bed of Gadia's farm goat milk yogurt or white tahini.

Schneider's farm veal Ramp Carpaccio | 49 NIS

with fresh fruits, roasted almonds, aromatic "Eretz-Gshur"'s Arbanica olive oil and Gadot's farm Parmesan cheese.

Regev's Farm salad | 49 NIS

crispy vegetables from our farm with sun dried tomato vinaigrette, on white Tehini or Gadia's farm goat milk labane cheese.

Asian beef salad | 49 NIS

seasonal Regev's farm vegetables in sweet and sour Asian vinaigrette, garnished with Schneider's farm beef cuts and caramelized peanuts.

Charcuterie platter | 59 NIS

assorted Schneider's farm smoked cold cuts served with pickled regev's farm vegetables and Dijon mustard.


Pasta Bolognese or tomato sauce // kids burger // chicken stake
Served with fresh vegetables, soft drink and ice-cream scoop as desert

49  NIS


All night long Stew | 98  NIS

a rich in flavors casserole made of Schneider's farm beef cuts in beef stock, red wine,mushrooms and mirepoix vegetables, served on a bed of Frika cooked with beef stock and hawaij.

Moshbutz Classic Burger | 82 NIS

Made of Schneider farm's veal by our winning recipe. Served in a sweet and soft bun with homemade pickles and papas chips.
Topping: Smoked cheese / Onions/ mushrooms / feta cheese / fried egg / grilled aubergine | 6  NIS
Bacon |  12  NIS

Home-made kebabs | 82  NIS

selection of our best fresh minced and seasoned kebabs – Romanian with garlic and onion, lamb with mint and cinnamon, oriental with cumin, parsley and chili & mini burger by our winning hamburger recipe. Served with grilled onions & green chili, and papas chips.

Trio de-la cassa | 82  NIS

Schneider's farm beef chorizo with red wine and smoked paprika, spicy marguez lamb sausage and the chef's daily choice served over Mashed sweet potatoes with garlic and thyme with fried onion.

Grilled Trout Fillet | 98  NIS

from the Dan River. served over sour Turkish spinach and beetroot leaves from Regev's farm, garlic and cherry tomato confit with goat's milk yogurt

Juicy Grilled Chicken Steak | 82  NIS

sous vide cooked in a Cajun rub and seared on a plancha, served with papas chips.

Ricotta and Parmesan Ravioli | 72  NIS

with Rosé sauce – tomatoes, vodka & cream served Served with our farm vegetables.

Gnocchi alla olio i funghi | 72  NS

potatoes gnocchi in fresh sauce based on olive oil, white wine, garlic, mushrooms and
a lot of oregano, Served with our farm vegetables salad in date vinaigrette.


We specialize in treating and aging cuts of local beef and lamb. Every day we offer the cuts that have reached their appropriate aging stage. All that is left for you to do – is to choose the roasting level, side dish and enjoy yourself.

Served with a side-dish of your choice:

Green salad in date vinaigrette
Mashed sweet potatoes with garlic and thyme
Homemade papas chips
Frika – smoked green wheat cooked in beef broth

Roasting levels

Rear – Seared on the outside while the inside is all raw, in a cool temperature.
Medium Rear – Seared on the outside while most of the inside is raw, in the room temperature.
Medium – Seared on the outside while half of the inside is cooked. The center will be in a worm temperature.
Medium Well – Seared on the outside while most of the inside is cooked. The center will be in pink color and hot temperature.
Well Done – Seared on the outside while all of the inside is cooked. The center will be in gray color and very hot temperature.


Coconut Malabi | 39 NIS
with halva strings, caramelized peanuts and chocolate-cherry sauce.

Apple Knaf’e | 39 NIS
with 'Gadia"s Jibneh goat cheese, sour&sweet Granny-smith apples and caramel-sider.

Chocolate Banana BruLE | 39 NIS
semifreddo ingles, caramelized bananas, whipped Ganache and Nougat shtroyzel.


Espresso / double | 11/13 NIS

Cappuccino / large | 13/15 NIS

Tea / Mint Tea | 12 NIS

infusion of our herbs | 12 NIS

Instant coffee | 14 NIS

Hot Chocolate | 14 NIS

Hot cider wine / whiskey / brandy | 16/28/34 NIS


Odem Mountain Winery, Cherry ale | 32 NIS

Port wine, Shany Red/Inbar White | 32 NIS

<Pelter, Majhul dates brandy | 53 NIS

Pelter, apples Brandy | 73 NIS

Pelter, Grappa | 63 NIS</

Remy Martin XO | 134 NIS<